Embark on an unforgettable journey with the Dogerift Metaverse Game! Follow the steps below to download, install, and start competing to win.

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DOGERIFT is a 3D Metaverse Gamefi built on the NEO blockchain. In the game, players can purchase and own Doges, which are unique and valuable NFTs that can be traded on the marketplace. Each Doge has its own set of attributes and strengths, making them powerful assets in the game.

Players can earn DOGEF tokens by playing the game, which can be used to strengthen their Doges, craft items, and customize their lands. The more Doges a player owns, the more energy they earn each day, increasing their chances of earning more rewards.

The economy of DOGERIFT is fully tokenized and player-driven, with the marketplace allowing players to trade Doges with each other. Additionally, holding DOGER tokens gives players a say in the future development of the game through a voting system.

As the game progresses, new content will be added, including new Doges, lands, and playable modes. DOGERIFT is focused on creating a fun and rewarding gameplay experience for players, and is committed to working with the biggest stakeholders of $DOGER to ensure its success.

Join us in the DOGERIFT Metaverse and experience the thrill of owning and trading unique Doge NFTs!

Get Started with Our Easy-to-Follow Guide

1.**Download the Game Launcher auto-update file**:

   - For - Windows  users, download the - Windows  version.

   - For - Mac   users, download the- Mac   version.


2. **Create a new account**:

-Launch DogeRift game and wait till it installs the latest version 

-Click on “Create new account” after the installation completes 

 - Provide your email address, game nickname, NEO3 wallet address, and a password.

3.**Confirm your account**:

   - Wait a few seconds, then send the displayed amount of GAS from the registered NEO3 wallet.

4. **Join our Discord community**:

   - After sending the GAS, join our Discord server by clicking “JOIN DOGERIFT” in the Game Launcher and open a support ticket in the COMMUNITY category

5.**Provide your registration details**:

   - In the support ticket, send us your registered email address. Our team will manually verify your wallet link(takes minutes) to the game and update you with any necessary information.


   *Note: During the beta phase, we manually verify the wallet link for security reasons and to ensure a smooth gaming experience. Once the game is officially released, this process will be automated, and you'll need to pay a registration fee in GAS (2-3).*

6.**Start playing DogeRift**:

   - The servers are online, and the DogeRift world is ready for you to explore, compete, and earn rewards!


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