3D Metaverse World

Dogerift beta

1. Download file  Game Launcher auto-update  – Windows       – no launcher Windows

                                                                                    – Mac               – no launcher Mac

2. Create new account

3. Enter email , game nickname , neo3 wallet and password

4. Wait few seconds and send a small amount of gas from the registered account

5. After that join discord https://discord.gg/H2WfzvVmqQ and open a ticket đź’Śsupport on our discord channel and send us your registered email account and we will finish the process for you and update you with any information if needed regarding your account. The reason for this is that during the beta phase, the blockchain data is not fully automated for security reasons and we need to verify your Wallet link to the game manually. But when the game is officially released, this process will be fully automated and you will need to pay a registration fee in GAS (2-3)
We are doing it manually in this phase so that we can have full control of the whole closed beta player base to make sure everything is working 100% and to track and eliminate any bugs that we find.

6. Servers are online – DogeRift world is ready


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