About the game

By purchasing at least one Doge from the DogeRift marketplace you can start playing! Owning at least three doges is recommended for optimal gameplay. Each day you get energy which can be used to enter different game modes. Using energy gives you a chance to earn DOGEF tokens and the more Doges you own, the more energy you earn each day.

When playing DogeRift you earn DOGEF tokens, which is the main resource. You can then use DOGEF tokens to make your Doges stronger. Having stronger Doges makes it easier to earn more DOGEF and other rewards like items and Doge NFTs. Using the Rift to summon a new Doge gives you a chance to get a higher rarity one, which in turn promises an easier time to progress through various difficult levels. Having more Doges gives you a wider range of possible combinations and makes it easier to earn more rewards.

Everything in the game is tokenized and in the hands of players. Through the marketplace you can trade Doges and Items with other players. The whole economy is centered around the players. Trading takes a small fee that is then split among stakeholders.

During cycles various new content will be added, ranging from Doges, new lands and new playable modes and events. The game will be balanced in future patches. Players can engage in different tasks to make their Doges stronger in order to earn more rewards, upgrading other Doges to create stronger ones, spending DOGEF on upgrading doges and crafting new items.

Our biggest goal is to enable players to have fun and for them to stay engaged with new content, so they never grow tired of the game. We will strive to make the gameplay fun and rewarding, all in cooperation with the biggest stakeholders of $DOGER.

There are going to be many different flows of capital ranging from sponsorships, investors, ads, real-life events, streaming, etc.

Dogerift brings

two different tokens

to the Blockchain

$DOGEF Token

$DOGEF (Doge Food Token) is earned as a reward for playing the game. It is used for various in-game mechanics such as making the Doges stronger, creating new Doges, crafting items and customizing your land. $DOGEF will be a type of digital money, as you will be able to sell it to other players.

Demand for $DOGEF is certain because it enables various means in improving your gameplay progress, which in turn gives you more profit.

$DOGER Token

DogeRift Token was created with the purpose of controlling the future of in-game actions in DOGERIFT through a voting system. By holding $DOGER you own a part of DOGERIFT and you are directly involved with the future development. You earn $DOGER by participating in voting systems, staking and through various in-game events. The main goal of the $DOGER token is to decentralize the ownership of DOGERIFT.

$DOGER revenue will grow over time as it will receive a portion of its revenue generated through market fees and with the summoning of each DOGE from the Rift. Initially we will release a small portion of max $DOGER supply that will grow over time as the game grows.


Governance token

100 000 000 000 000 $DOGER tokens (100 Trillion)


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