Collect, upgrade and

Play to Earn

Build your own team of Doges and beat your opponents! Every Doge has unique strengths based on their upgrades

Earn Daily and weekly rewards by playing DogeRift.

Q4 2022!
Q4 2022!
Q4 2022!

Gameplay Teaser


Dogerift brings

two different tokens

to the Blockchain

$DOGEF Token

Doge Food Token is earned as a reward for playing the game. It is used for various in-game mechanics such as making the Doges stronger, creating new Doges, crafting items and customizing your land. $DOGEF will be a type of digital money, as you will be able to sell it to other players.

Demand for $DOGEF is certain because it enables various means in improving your gameplay progress, which in turn gives you more profit.

Baby Doge
UFO Doge

$DOGER Token

DogeRift Token was created with the purpose of controlling the future of in-game actions in DOGERIFT through a voting system. By holding $DOGER you own a part of DOGERIFT and you are directly involved with the future development.

You earn $DOGER by participating in voting systems, staking and through various in-game events. The main goal of the $DOGER token is to decentralize the ownership of DOGERIFT.

$DOGER revenue will grow over time as it will receive a portion of its revenue generated through market fees and with the summoning of each DOGE from the Rift. Initially we will release a small portion of max $DOGER supply that will grow over time as the game grows.


Open Beta Game

Update website

Update Roadmap

✅Neo Hackathon – WINNERS

✅$DOGER & DOGEF on Reverse Pool




Updating Dogerift Beta with community feedback

Adding new In-game skins

Adding new game characters

Adding new items

Adding new world map


Updating Dogerift Beta with community feedback

Creating new website

Expanding the game with new skins , game characters , items and maps





DogeRift game release (bug free)

DogeRift Marketplace

Marketing push

Exchange listings

Expand to other chains (BNB)



Partner NEO


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